What events will AnimalMan® host for?

Animal handling parties & working with children…

Are you are planning a birthday party and have the children requested to hold live exotic animals? To consider live exotic animals visiting your home, especially if you live in London, might seem fanciful. What about the mammals welfare? How do you keep the reptiles warm? Will the children be safe handling animals? What about the mess…?

From Birthday Parties, School Visits, PTA Events and Corporate; AnimalMan® can feature at your event. All the appropriate equipment ensures the animals’ welfare. Nick’s professionalism, drawn from on 30 years experience, gives you peace of mind. His engaging personality delivers a calm session where children sit, listen and are absorbed. Handling of the animals is done in a controlled and moderate way. Nick only works with exotic animals he knows are safe to handle and that will travel without stressing.

So, from a home with a handful of guests, your local community centre for a class, your school or village hall or a large venue or place of work; an AnimalMan® presentation is adaptable for most types of venue.

Birthday Parties

For children aged from 4 years

An animal encounter for a child's birthday party creates memories to treasure. Nick's award winning, independently acclaimed parties combine education, animal handling with a sense of fun.

Family Events

For all ages

From Weddings to Christenings, Nick has been incorporated within those special days as an engaging interlude for the event.

Seasonal Events

For all ages

Whether it's a religious festival or a seasonal holiday celebration, Nick can host for your event.

School and Pre-School

From 3 years old

Pre-schoolers, Foundation, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 have all enjoyed visits with a curriculum led presentation.

PTA Sponsored Events

For all ages

From a school fete to an after-school PTA fund raiser, Nick is a crowd pleaser as a main feature or part of the days structure.

Out of School Organisations

For all ages

From Beavers, Rainbows, Cubs, Brownies, Scouts and Guides to youth clubs, football clubs, church clubs and many other non-profit organisations, Nick presents his AnimalMan® show for all.

Corporate Family Fun Days

For all ages

Family Fun Days, Team Building, Client Events, Seasonal Family Days and may other such occasions. AnimalMan® delivers a standalone event or can be incorporated within a multi-facet event.

Museums and Venues

For all ages

For large scale events, Nick adapts his presentation for audiences as large as 600 without compromising on visual interaction and participation.

Television Walk-ons and Presenting

For all ages

AnimalMan® Nick has built a career in animal handling and conveying facts about animals for children of all ages. He is perfect as a 'walk-on' guest or 'to camera' presenting off script or via auto-cue.