The Ambassador


Invertebrates, reptiles, birds and mammals, the menagerie is diverse.

What animals can we expect to learn about?

Here are some of the most popular ambassadors you might expect to encounter at your event.

The animals are part of a zoo collection licensed by the local authority. With daily health checks, large enclosures, training, enrichment and dedicated staff, the welfare of the animals is met to the very highest standards.


Each presentation, although fun, is about communicating an educational message and passing on a passion and love for all animals. At no time will the animals show any behaviour other than what is natural.


Audience handling is actively encouraged and is only done under expert supervision and guidance. At no time will any animal be left unattended. All reasonable measures are taken for participants hygiene with clear instructions given.


All the appropriate licences, insurance, risk assessment and full DBS check are current for your peace of mind. If you, the venue or your organisation need the digital copy they are available upon your request once you have booked.